An unknown source at Mercedes-Benz told Autoweek that they will discontinue the Maybach brand in 2013, coinciding with the release of the next S-Class.

Sales of ultra-luxury brand Maybach have been disappointing to Mercedes, who will cut their losses by discontiuing the brand.  To fill the void, however, Mercedes is looking to move up-market with their namesake brand.  Beginning in 2013, the S-Class will be available in three different wheelbases and six body styles.  Topping the range will be the S600 Pullman.

The Maybach brand was originally resurrected by Mercedes in 2002 after a failed attempt to purchase Bentley and Rolls-Royce, Bentley eventually went to Volkswagen while BMW laid claim to Rolls-Royce.

There were hopes that Aston Martin would help Mercedes with future Maybach development, but the talks were abandoned earlier this year.


Source: Autoweek