One of the stars of the Tokyo Motor Show is, as much of the press will tell you, the Subaru BRZ.  The new coupe isn’t all that exciting.  Its the same as the Toyota GT 86 and the future Scion FR-S.  Exciting over at the Subaru booth is this amazing car: the BRZ GT300.  The GT300 is based, obviously, on the BRZ, but lets see Toyota take a pretty economical coupe and turn it into a competitive race car.

Subaru’s BRZ GT300 is intended to compete in Japan’s SuperGT touring car series, replacing the two-year-old Legacy B4.  To be eligible for the GT300 class, the BRZ GT300′s power is limited to 300 horsepower, most likely from some form of boxer-four.  If I were to venture a guess, the GT300′s engine is a variant of a 2.0L WRX or STI engine.

I can’t wait to see it in action…and take out a mortgage to buy a used one in 2013.


Source:  Autoblog